Saturday, January 3, 2015

New Year Freeze

It has been very cold here in cold in our area, I mean 20 - 30 degrees, but that's cold to me.  And it is definitely cold to my poor Calla Lilies!  We didn't get to them quite soon enough and the poor things are wilted.  They are hearty, though and I have every hope they will be back in the spring even though their start was rough.  

Every year when they come up, I take my paints outside and do a few drawings and paintings of these graceful lilies.   I have used so many color combinations in painting different paintings.  I love Thalo Green, but it can be rather unforgiving when leaving large white areas.  I love the challenge of painting with staining colors with no masking fluid.  It's always a good exercise if not just plain fun!

So hopefully in a few months there will be another Calla Lily painting, maybe a series, appearing in my blog.  
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  1. I treasure the calla lily you painted for me years ago! I can see it right now.