Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 13 - Landscape Series #1

Landscape Series #1

This is a painting of clouds and ponds and a few weeds...some of my favorite things....other than flowers to paint.  I added a couple of extra colors to this painting from my others.  This was all out of my imagination so the composition could be better and light source is probably not clear, but it was fun to just paint.  This is one of the largest paintings I have done on the Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days Challenge.

Day 12 - Sweet Grapes

                                              Sweet Grapes

This was a painting from a drawing I had done last year.  Sometimes in watercolor funny things happen.  In this painting I didn't notice until I scanned it.  I realized there was almost a mirror image of a grape leaf in the background.  

With this Thirty Paintings in Thirty Day Challenge, every day seems to be getting a little more difficult to finish on time, but little fun things like the leaf image happening make it all fun.  

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Day 11 Two Callas

                                                                   Two Callas

I love the shape of Calla Lilies.  They are so graceful and unique.  I paint them quite a bit as I need only walk out the door and draw.  My husband is always taking the greatest care to keep them coming back each year.  I am so grateful for the beauty we have around us to paint by just looking.  To see more of my paintings click Here

Day 10 Rusty Followers

                                                  Rusty Followers

This rusty old set of three bells, all metal - has followed us from the second year my husband and I were married, and adorned either an inside or outside wall of the current home we in which we resided.  There are just certain items that really follow us and truly have sentiment.  These bells are like that. They don't sound like much, a little clangy for me, but  I have drawn them, painted paintings of them and love to redraw them in different sizes.  They are familiar.  They are quirky and they remind me of all the walls of the places we have lived.   For more of my artwork click Here.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Day 8 - On the River

                                                                      On the River

Egrets and herons have always interested me.  I love the way they hunt, fly, stand, their form, color and feathers.  We have spent many hours hanging out on the river - floating down rapids, sitting in the sun, picnicking, watching others enjoy the river and the birds are always there....sometimes on one leg and sometimes two, seemingly oblivious to our nonsense.

Day Seven - Turning


Not far from my home is a large farm where cattle graze and in the Fall, the area is just amazing.  There are shade trees spotted throughout the land turning colors at different rates and assorted warm tones depending on the tree.  One of my favorite scenes is this one with just one lone tree that turns bright orange at the height of it's transformation.  The gathering of lovely shapes and differing green trees behind it just set it off like the King of the Pasture.  It always catches my eye.  This is painted on  a piece of 2 x 2" Clayboard with transparent watercolors.

Day Five and Day Six....Whew!

                                                         Vintage Hand Tied

                                                       Fresh Apples

I am finding myself desperate at times when the deadline is drawing close to submit my painting.  This challenge is so good, but so, well, challenging.  The painting of the hand tied fly is one I found among my father's fishing gear.  I didn't have it in front of me so I painted it from memory.  I just recall it was much different than ones I see these days.  It was a little well worn too considering no fish ever got to keep it.

The second painting is of a bowl of apples I always have on my dining table.  The bowl is wood and I love it.  And apples....so simple, but so many shapes, sizes colors and ways to nestle.

Tomorrow I have no idea what will be on my paper when I'm finished but I know it will be fun!