Sunday, January 4, 2015

Arcadia Pines


  Arcadia Pines

I enjoy having a goal.  The "Thirty Paintings in Thirty Days" is going to be quite a challenge I'm finding at day 4.  Sometimes there is just no time, no inspiration....and that is what I love about this project.  Just do it!  So far I have completed 4 paintings.  The paintings are small - smaller than 8 x 10, but I hope to complete a full sheet 22 x 30 by the end of the month.   Each painting brings with it learning,  patience building and a new set of challenges, but each one is like a building color, design, texture and perspective.   To view more of my paintings, click HERE

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  1. What a great job of making a complex subject beautiful... I have difficult getting down to the bare essence.