Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Alaska Train Trip to Whittier

Another sketchbook painting - Whittier in Alaska.  It was the most interesting town.  At the time we visited, the only way to reach it was by rail. We drove our vehicle onto the rail car and road for what seemed a very long time to this very tiny town. There were a couple of gift shops and a restaurant and of course, fisherman selling the day's catch.  The great thing for merchants in this little place....they had a captive audience for 4 -5 hours until the next train came through.  I had plenty of time to paint my little blue cabin on the hillside.  The scenery was beautiful!

Travel Sketchbook - Dunn River Falls

This small painting is from my travel sketchbook.  It is very small, but easy to carry around and complete a quick painting without much set-up.  I painted this as we relaxed on our vacation to Jamaica.  It was a family trip with my dad, his lady friend, my brother, his wife and my husband and me.  So as you might imagine, I had little time to paint, but was inspired by so many things, views and wonders.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

#2 Red Onion

On some days-cold, wet and rainy days it is nice to just pick an object and paint paying no mind to it's color, weight, size or shape. And herein lies the problem.  This was a fun little painting to do on a Friday afternoon.   I will be painting an onion and garlic series!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

#1 Oregon Snow - Camille

It snowed in the Pacific Northwest and I decided it might be a good inspiration.  My first painting took me forever. I had several sketches drawn and finally just decided to paint.  I found each decision was difficult but I'm sure that will improve with practice.  I look forward to painting will everyone.